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An ambigram tattoo is a work of art made by the letters. The most important feature is that ambigram tattoo designs can be read from multiple positions. For this reason, the ambigram designs are popular as they can be placed in one's arm, ankle and be read from several perspectives and they can have different meanings. A ambigram can be designed in a straight line, or arranged in a circular pattern. The second reading is usually done with some modification to the original tattoo design and in most cases is legible when the ambigram tattoo is rotated 180 degrees.

There's also what is called central symmetry ambigram tattoo, which is when the second reading is visible through the reflection in a mirror. Please enjoy the tattoo pictures below.

The rotational ambigrams are sayings or words through art with the letters which can be read right side up and upside down. The ambigrams are readable, no matter how you look, they are letters designed a certain way. There asymmetrical ambigrams are read in a slightly different way, these are words that are read from side one and the other side has another meaning.

This style works ambigram tattoo design with names, words or phrases. You can also incorporate different styles, shapes and fonts. Like many different styles of tattoos, there are stars and sports celebrities who use this type of design. Stars of Star Trek and Reading Rainbow has these types of tattoos. LeVar Burton LeVar has a reading is read on one hand and on the other Kunta, that on his right arm. One of the stars of Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria, has one too.

Since 2004, this type of tattoo designs have grown in popularity it became popular requests in tattoo shops around the United States. Hundreds of people are getting these tattoos every day, and if you have not seen one yet, it's only a matter of time. A lot of people are getting these designs though, you may still find some new original design for your ambigram tattoo.

If the tattoo artist does not have designs that you like, you can search the online tattoo designs ambigrams. There ambigrams generator programs which can put into words, phrases or names you want and the program will create an ambigram. If you follow this method, make sure the end result is exactly what you want before getting tattooed.

Thus, anyone can have a tattoo design an ambigram and say almost anything you want to convey. There is no limit to the imagination when designing an ambigram. You can use as many words or phrases you want as long as you have the physical space to place them. Make sure you have space in the area where you want the tattoo and keep in mind that between four and nine letters are usually what is recommended.

There are some letters that you should avoid if you want a symmetrical ambigram, Q, U, W, V and Z. The reason is that these letters are hard to twist and cut for a rotational ambigrams. And when working with asymmetric ambigrams that say one thing when he looked up and something different when you go down to remember that the choice of two words, phrases or names that are similar in length and number of letters is the best, and avoid the same letters to not distort the true intent of an ambigram.

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