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Anchor tattoos have been a favorite among the military for decades. There is even evidence that people 2,000 years ago already tattooed an anchor, which is considered one of the oldest symbols tattoo..

The Anchor tattoo is a design that has been an important reference for western tattoo culture for over two centuries. Nevertheless, on a symbolic level, the anchor tattoo has much older roots going back several millennia ago, and always refer to the seafaring profession of their bearers, being both protective symbols, amulets of good fortune or distinctions of experience and veterans on board.

The anchor is usually incorporated into a larger design and now rarely seen a tattoo of a single anchor, although formerly used to be very common. Thanks to the military, particularly sailors, marines and naval aviators anchor has been a focal point in designing tattoos for years. Formerly used to mean you were a member of a crew, you were sailor or soldier and you were passing through..

Anchor tattoo designs are one of the favorites of people doing work related to the sea or naval career (captains, foremen), and is closely identified with sailors throughout the world. The tattoo of an anchor can be interpreted as a symbol of firmness, in the same way that a anchor secures a sailboat off the coast protecting it against winds and currents that could cause it to lose adrift.

Very often appear in designs with mermaids, ships with sails, sea water, waves, and along with many other nautical symbols. Creating a tattoo design including an anchor is not easy, but not impossible. Also lately has seen an explosion of creativity and women are also using this type of tattoo..

The anchor tattoo meaning goes back to ancient times and, although it is a striking symbol of the Catholic Church originally. A person with a tattoo of an anchor wants to project who is reliable, honest, like a ship stable. That person is someone who can keep you safe and protect you from adversity, but not see any reward in return and receive betrayals and bad plays. The holder of an anchor tattoo is very magnanimous and walk over old disputes and quarrels, not able to keep old grudges..

Anchor tattoo designs commonly represent power, stability and also strenght. One of the explanations why many people are deciding on this sort of tattoo is being as how it has discovered a spot, or love for something agreeable and expects to remain there for whatever remains of being. That is why this sort of tattoo is coming to be particularly in vogue around recent married people as sign of firm commitment between them.

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