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Aztecs tattoos were a symbol of devotion to the Aztec gods. Also, but to a lesser extent, tattoos indicate the social class of the individual and the tribe to which he belonged, and their successes. The daily routine of any Aztec was based on pleasing their gods and ensure success in war, so their tattoo designs were dedicated mostly to these purposes.

Even the body parts tattooed made sense, since it was designated to the god to whom he solicited the favor. Wrists, chest and stomach were the most popular as they were considered "power centers" in the body. The traditional Aztec tattoo designs were very colorful and stylized, a lot of attention to details were paid, and began to apply since childhood. As obtained merits, the Aztecs added a tattoo to the body.

The Sun (Uitzilopochtle) was the most revered god, and therefore the most common tattoo (even today). It is represented in many different ways. nimals and birds (like the eagle, symbol of strength) is often used, but were more common representations of their gods (as Tezcatlipoca, god of warriors, which was one of the most popular tattoo). nother popular tattoo was Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent, who was the god of weather, fertility and creativity.

This sophistication of these tattoo designs can be seen in many ways, from its architecture, sculptures, clothing, to jewelry, everything was designed with care and respect.

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