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Due to the explosion in popularity of tattoos, there is an increase on seeking new places to do them, leaving aside the more traditional such as the arm, back and legs. Bracelet Tattoo are basically the same designs as other tattoos that turn around the arm but mostly carried on the wrist or ankle.

Generally bracelets tattoos feature a tribal design or a continuous pattern that spans the entire design, although the reality is that these designs are limited only by our minds. Although most of these tattoos go around completely, some tattooists refuse to connect the tattoo, explaining that the legend says that a full bracelet on your wrist is a sign of bad luck.

Within bracelets tattoos, it's believed the most popular are Celtic designs, Celtic knots especially because their designs are perfect for tattooing in this format.For women, bracelets favorites are the flowers. This is obvious because it offers a more feminine style and can even be made with beautiful colors. Here below, we have a small gallery of bracelet tattoo designs which we hope inspire you.

Bracelet Tattoo Designs

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