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Dragons throughout the history of mankind have appeared in various ways, meaning different things in stories, songs, paintings, animation, movies and of course in tattoos. Dragons are strong mythological creatures which through history have be shown as beautiful beings as well as feared. Commonly always represented with bodies similar to those of a huge snake or reptile with sharp teeth and huge scale, with the ability to fly and even shoot fire from his mouth. In different regions and in different cultures around the world, dragons have represented different things and this is also true in the tattoo.

A dragon tattoo can represent the four elements, you can find stories and myths of dragons who have the power to dominate the air, water, earth or fire. Each of these characteristics of dragon tattoo designs have to be in mind when choosing your desired style.

The eastern dragon tattoos are harbingers of fortune and fertility, usually bode well while on the other hand, in the West they tend to appear as wild beasts, dangerous and indomitable, they are the embodiment of dark spirits of evil, life-destroying, family and household. Dragon tattoos, often appear in different designs and in different cultures, being very common in Celtic culture, Chinese and Japanese, among others. The most common body parts to get a dragon tattoo designs are the chest, upper arms and shoulders, back and lower legs.

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