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Rose heart tattoo design, the flower tattoo is probably a couple of tattoo designs for women has always been the most common, but are also suitable for men. Flowers have been the origins of tattoo artists and tattoo inspired people looking for a sexy tattoo model, with lines that symbolize femininity and romantic love. Among the commonly used flowers as tattoo designs (hibiscus, lotus, lily, Japanese cherry blossom, violet ...) the rose is by far the most common, especially for its symbolism in the old school tattoo , is one of the reasons most commonly used. The Roses Tattoo has the advantage of being able to easily marry any reason old school otherwise, either in terms of its shape, body location, orientation ... The rose is highly regarded by their beauty, fragrance, color, and symbolizes the perfection of female beauty, sometimes associated with the beauty of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and Romans in ancient Greece, the purity of the Virgin Mary in the Catholic . The rose was also used to honor the goddess Isis, the mother and the ideal woman among Egyptians.

If the red rose is the variety most commonly represented in the tattoo and art in general, the symbolism of the rose depends on its color.

The red rose is the symbol of passionate love, but also represent pain and blood loss, the pain of passionate love, especially with the symbolism of the thorns of the rose, love can hurt.

The blue rose, which is a color that does not exist in nature, is the symbol of youth, mystery and achieving the impossible desires.

The black rose is dark, dark version of the red rose symbolizes the dark side that is in all relationships, the passion of love is sometimes the edge of hate.

The yellow rose symbolizes the betrayal of infidelity, and therefore a lie. Can be used to ask for forgiveness and be a symbol of friendship and joy.

The white rose represents purity and virginity.

The orange rose signifies desire, latent resentment.

In the old school tattoo, these codes related to the meaning of tattoos of pink that is a perfect model to be associated with other reasons such as the heart, the different styles of crosses and crucifixes for tattoos in tribute to the loss of loved ones by example, to surround the base of parchment or in association with tattoos of skulls, daggers and pistols, which describe the relationship of love and hate. The rose gives emotional connotation has a tattoo of the old school, in any combination or the main reason. Unlike some others, tattoos of roses in the old school tattoos, the rose is never neutral in symbolism..

The number of roses in the tattoo can also have a meaning: a rose is enough to say "I love you", a bouquet of roses usually offers an odd number and if you are under 10. The absence of thorns on a rose tattoo can mean love at first sight, passion without problems..

In the old school tattoo, another representation of the Rose is the compass, the compass of the ocean. The rose is in effect for mariners compass that can reach land without incident. With the resurgence of old school or new school tattoo, rose tattoos are becoming more popular. We found this pattern tattooed many celebrities and famous as Heather Locklear, Ricky Martin (for whom this tattoo symbolizes the feminine, in part, no doubt a long repressed homosexuality and recently assumed. The rose tattoo is not a gay codes ) or Slash (former guitarist for Guns n Roses history ', the legendary rock band whose name is, of course, linked to the symbolism of the rose).

Hearts tattoos undoubtedly look great. Its simple and its symbolic meaning make them one of the most popular designs in the world, especially among women. Hearts are one of the first ways we learn to express love either people, objects or activities. Art is a way to convey feelings and the tattoo world is indeed an art. If we think a person forever mark our bodies with some drawing we become a living work. To a greater or lesser extent, all artists are often unintentionally..

Hearts designs can be simple or very complex. The form itself is simple but depends on how you color it can create gorgeous super prepared hearts. In addition, the hearts are unisex, universal and most importantly they have only one meaning: love. Thus a broken heart represents the opposite: heartbreak and disappointment. Usually the color red, but they can be any color depending also on what you want to express. For example a person who is vegetarian could well be a beautiful green heart. The tattoos of hearts can be small or very large and look perfect in any body site. Besides tribal art can provide them great originality. Also encourage many anatomical hearts tattoo aesthetics though is a bit morbid..

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