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Rose tattoo design, rose tattoos not only represent love or romance, but every rose has its symbolism: a very dark pink can symbolize passion or eroticism, while a more white symbolizes peace and chastity. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, and the purple charm. Pink roses represent gentleness, the blue and gold (which do not exist in real life) denote achieve the impossible.

These tattoos are more preferred by women, for a touch of delicacy and passion impressive. But men also choose the "queen of flowers" to impregnate her under your skin, for being a flower of many petals and various forms lends itself to many great designs.

But the rose is also spiritual and divine interpretations, legends where her beauty captivates and causes scandals. Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, was characterized by a rose, and the ancient fables narrated that in every place where the blood was spilled on the floor put rose petals. Not to mention fairy tales, where the roses have a very significant role. Also the good thing is that the rose can be tattooed anywhere on the body and usually looks good (if the design is good, of course). And it can be both realistic designs, colorful, or tribal. The list of issues involving the rose is unlimited: from its aroma, its therapeutic properties, their spines ... flowers are very poetic and inspiring, and is probably why they are so tattooed.

Rose tattoos hide a curious story because there are many who know that in the sixteenth century was roses tattooed prisoners sentenced to death. But over time the meaning changed considerably and now the roses are linked to romance and love, its most criminal and was completely forgotten. When you go to make a rose tattoo you should know that each color has its own meaning, for example, the orange represents desire, pure white and red means passion.

The design of your rose may vary, some are more feminine touches, other aspects can be designed highlighting male and roses are also presented as tribal, everything will depend on your personal taste.

To the ancient Greeks and Romans had represented Rosa love and beauty. Flower identified with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. For Christians the Rose represents the Virgin Mary (the Mystical Rose). Roses were used in ancient Egypt to worship the goddess Isis, ideal wife and mother.

When choosing your beautiful roses tattoo design, your first step should take some time to decide what matters most: as size, color, or combine with other tattoo designs, skulls, hearts, butterflies, daggers, letters, fairies, dolphins and cross stitch ...

It is important to have a specific meaning and beauty of your rose tattoo depending on the color you want and finally by combining with other elements of tattoos. The most popular tattoo elements that incorporate and combine well with Tattoos Roses are:

A butterfly: a natural combination.
A banner with the name of a loved one.
A dagger: the love-hate relationship
Barbed wire around the rose vine: Love can hurt and is not without risk.
A Cross: memorial tattoo for a loved one.
A skull tattoo can be a memorial, as well as other meanings.
For most people, a rose tattoo symbolizes love. This leads many to the traditional red rose, although there are several other colors that also offer important meaning. Here I mention the most common and popular colors of roses:

Red roses: passion, love, romantic feelings
Yellow roses: joy, friendship
Roses: gentleness, admiration
White Roses: Purity, spiritual love, innocence
Orange Roses: fascination
Rosebuds: Youth
Red and white roses together: unit
Thornless Rosa: Love at first sight

Of course it is entirely possible that roses tattoos have symbolic meaning completely different, something personal and unique.

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