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Shield tattoo design, shields tattoos arise from different motivations depending on what kind of coat we are talking about. There are tattoos of football shields, family, medieval college, etc.. The shields, such as flags, are symbols that people grouped under certain taste, ideology, or last name, which may be imposed by society or by choice. The fact is a shield tattooed reaffirm the sense of belonging to that group marked by the symbol.

Tattoos denote family crests clan pride and last name, have an ancient history of ancestors, battles, heroics and identity that the person who wears it, as can wear their colors, tartan reflect skin decides what already in his heart. Tattoos football shields are not inherited and may be familiar but family tradition although it remains optional for taste and color that team.

Tattoos of medieval shields signan preferences for a time of heroic chivalry and Gothic dreams never realized. The shields of the school tattoos are a bit problematic, since psychologically because we could interpret that the person has not exceeded the time school has grown and want to stay in that state of immaturity. Tattooing is a shield designate a member of a group for life.

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