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Shooting star tattoo design, shooting stars tattoos symbolize for many, the opportunity to make a wish or desire a reality. The belief in the meaning of shooting stars has been transmitted from generation to generation. Shooting stars fast furrow the sky with its trail of light as if they were angels. Following this association when he saw a shooting star was thought to be an opportunity to make a wish that would be heard by a divine being.

Shooting star tattoos are a very popular design for women, say many tattooists. Not only do they choose to be a tattoo that looks great on the female body, but also says that women are fascinated by what the shooting stars tattoo represents: the inner desire to be a star and shine, always leaving a footprint.

A peculiarity of the stars is that they are a subject that can easily be incorporated into other designs. The same is true when it comes to tattoos of shooting stars, which not only can be combined easily with other tattoos, but they are also easy to adapt to different styles.

Another meaning of tattoos of shooting stars is the one associated to some point in the life of the person, a fleeting moment and said full passenger who left his mark forever. I think it perfectly represents this idea that we all do when we find a shooting star in the sky, we were dazzled by her beauty undoubtedly one feels special when they are lucky enough to reach with it a shooting star..

The stars are used daily to represent goals, goals, ambition, illumination, used to symbolize such awards to fulfill an achievement, representing knowledge and beauty..

Shooting stars, for example, symbolize moments were brief but it left a mark in your life you will always remember, who usually do the shooting star tattoo seek to represent a traffic accident, a romance, a vacation with your family, etc. ..

Calls nautical stars, representing the North Star that guides and determines our location. Throughout history, was used as a reference for the coordinates and positions for sailors and all travelers until the invention of the compass. For example, we should know well the story of the three wise men who followed the star to reach its destination..

Today many people are nautical star tattoos to indicate that they should always be clear about your true path and how to build in life..

The five-pointed star known as staves, are a tattoo that represents different things according to where it says, usually related to pagan cultures, magic and mysticism. When pointing upwards, are related to the protection and balance while a downward-pointing, in inverted form, represents the opposite.

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