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Spider tattoo design, one of the most common places where tattoos are placed are cobwebs in the elbow. And these tattoos originally had another meaning began to be tattooed on the elbow by members of some bands, and symbolized that whoever had killed a person, and each ring of the web symbolized each year in prison who had spent therefore person.

But over time the reason was changing, and became more widely used as symbol or enriedos problems (either with drugs, alcohol or a failed love), and that the web itself is a trap, remember what spiders that build to hunt their prey. Here are some photos of tattoos of excellent cobwebs.

Nowadays it is very important not the meaning of this tattoo, it has become popular enough and at a time which was a symbol of a small band (like skinheads or drug addicts) has become popular today so that is no longer possible to establish a defined symbol. Still, I think that tattoos symbolize what you want to symbolize ... It gives one the sense of what you want to do. But not only the elbow is a good area. Cobwebs can adoranar well any other part of our body, like the head, legs and even around a nipple yes, definitely is not anything right encircling the navel.

It is one of the most impressive tattoos have been made, there's no doubt. Just imagine the fact their little thin, hairy eight-legged walking slowly through our skin makes many are terribly frightened. I'm talking, my lords, the tattoos of spiders, the perfect combination of horror and art.

The spider tattoos are generally made on the shoulder, hands or feet, although some choose bolder vary slightly, the spider tattooed chest, neck and even the genitals. I do not know if it's the best first impression to generate in your in laws and your significant other.

There is no doubt that the most popular spider for these tattoos is the black widow spider more dangerous and popular of all, characterized by its large rear and devour her partner after mating. It's clearly a spider impressive and worth tattooing. And when the tattoo design is realistic, much better, as it gives the impression that the spider is walking through your body. Here are some incredible photos of tattoos of spiders.

Do not confuse this creature with her sisters, tarantulas, which are a bit different. Besides being more hairy tarantulas, unlike spiders, their bite is not dangerous to humans. but much more painful. Tarantulas have a size larger than the spiders, but spiders, though smaller, are more deady.

The spider tattoos are tattoos drawings of most watched and searched, as seen in traditional tribal tattoos of many indigenous cultures around the world. Few cultures lacking concerning the spider stories within mythology, possibly because the spiders can be found almost anywhere in the world, even on isolated islands, because spiders are capable of traveling long distances using their webs so "parachute". Spider tattoos have special meaning within the prison culture and language of the bands, spiders and spider webs can provide information on the length of the sentence of a prisoner and even about his crimes.

In popular culture today, the spider and its web are also a treacherous force. One need only observe how the spider realizes innocent victims caught in its web to realize that is a deadly blood sucker. So it is not unusual carnivorous spiders in comics, games and horror stories.

Spiders in our imaginations conjure the terror of being trapped, and anyone who likes horror stories is necessarily a fan of spiders. Spiders can "sting" or "bite, and the bite of some species can be fatal.'s Fearsome tarantula, the largest member of the family of spiders, an animal is actually very quiet, affable giant. The stories of Native Americans speak of the "spider woman", a creature that existed at the dawn of creation, before apareciesen humans on earth. No wonder that she was taught men the art of weaving.

Today, the spider is a symbol of fertility, balance and harmony, is often represented as Grandma, teacher and protector of wisdom and knowledge. The spider is already recorded on clay in Native American prehistory. In these prints is usually represented in a stylized form, with a cross on his back, which, according to some archaeologists, symbolizes the center of the earth and the four directions (north, south, east and west).

You can take the mark of the spider as a symbol of creativity and ingenuity, and when you find hanging somewhere, interpret it as a symbol of good luck, because there is the belief that when "off hook" brings happiness from sky. According to this legend, Athena Arachne makes life so miserable that finally dies. The remorse of Athena are so great that raises Arachne in the form of a spider, so she can weave beautiful fabrics for all eternity.

In Europe the spider has a particularly bad reputation, a consequence of superstitions originated during times of pestilence and plagues, when it was believed that spiders spread these diseases. Because of these popular beliefs became an animal feared and hated. For some people, the pathological fear of spiders becomes a medical case, a phobia called "arachnophobia", named after the myth of the young Greek weaver.

But be very careful with the "Black Widow", a small spider the size of a pea whose bite can be fatal. You can recognize it by its characteristic red markings on the abdomen. The spider's venom is one of the most powerful in the animal kingdom.

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