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Strawberry tattoo design, we are aware of the use of strawberries since antiquity, notably by ancient civilizations that inhabited the areas that now make countries like Denmark, Sweden or England.The drills are used, besides as food, medicine because of their beneficial properties. Over time these cultures transformed strawberries in healing symbol related to traditional medicine representing recovery after an upset.

It is also known to use strawberries in the ancient Roman Empire, where they be viewed as a fruit used aphrodisiac. So then it was used to symbolize things like love, vitality, youth, beauty and delicacy. For Catholicism Strawberry eg pregnancy symbolizes who by appearance, color and delicate flavor also somehow related to the Virgin Mary. But that's not all, considering that generally the strawberries grow around three small leaves, it is conceived as a symbol of the Holy Trinity.

Red, pulpy, sweet and sour at once tender and beautiful. Here's the drill, tempting. Why is one of the reasons most people choose to design feminine tattoos. It might even be asserted that the fruit is appearing in more quantity tattooed female fur. It is without doubt that this red fruit has a strong feminine and sensual connotation that gives reason to be tattooed on the body of a woman.

Given its color, taste, shape and its long history, is that tattoos represent fertility strawberries, temptation and passion. Is that for many this fruit they find completely irresistible, even when combined with whipped cream or hot chocolate. An explosion for the senses. The attractive design itself as a strawberry tattoo is increased according to the site where the body was found, in the waist, hip, ankle, or neck are the most attractive to men.

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