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Sword tattoo design, the swords have always been a very important symbol for humanity and although of course had much more importance in the past, today remains a popular symbol. Anyone would be almost impossible to think about the concepts of honor, courage and bravery of ancient warriors, without thinking of a sword. But swords have many meanings and especially tattoos. In addition, there are many types of swords, with different forms and even used different ways, providing a variety of options to tattooist. As mentioned above, the swords were and are so important throughout history as they are today in tattoos. For example in Asia and especially in Japanese culture.

Japan has its own type of sword that is also one of the most important cultural symbols of Japanese history. Of course, I mean the traditional Catana (or Katana), a single sword, rooted in the Japanese folklore and ancient and terrible samurai.

The katanas were the sacred weapons of the samurai warriors. A sword of this type requires considerable care. It is an awesome weapon and a symbol of honor, power and fighting force. When for some reason the samurai were killing yourself should do digging his own sword in the belly.

In the Middle East highlights the daggers. While not swords daggers are like a knife that accompanies them. The double-edged daggers are usually associated with betrayal, especially by the fact that it was with daggers that killed the ancient Roman emperor Julius Caesar.

The point is that this murder was a dirty and violent plot, during which the emperor suffered 23 stab wounds. Anyway, the daggers are also perceived as a symbol of determination, courage and defense. In Europe and the colonies that later formed later worldwide, the swords were the main tool and symbol of warriors. Among other things, from antiquity to the present day, the swords represent military honor, courage, war, struggle, justice, strong temperaments, liberty, and among other things, the defense.

A broken sword tattoo design symbolizes defeat and surrender while two swords together represent the death struggle and resistance until the end. On the other hand and taking away all violent connotations, in the philosophy of Buddhism, the sword is the tool facing ignorance.

The swords tattoo designs are varied and are generally designed in the moment that are to be performed. May include colors or not but mostly accompanied by other symbols such as roses, skulls or hearts. Also very popular are tribal sword or sword piercing the skin.

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