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In astrology, Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, the first of a negative nature (female) and fixed quality. It symbolizes the consolidation and its symbol depicting the head of a bull with its horns, belongs with Virgo and Capricorn the earth element. It is ruled by Venus. Your opposite sign is Scorpio and support.

Astrologers believe that the Taurus are loyal, stable, conservative and practical. It is also said that they are patient, caring and have good character. However, they can explode violently when abused your patience. Taureans are homey and down deep bond with people, things and places. They can also be jealous and possessive. They do not like the changes, which makes them transferred person you can trust, but also inflexible.

Taurus tattoo design, taurus Its name means "bull" in Latin, and is known for being a feminine sign that includes all those born between April 20 and May 20.The sign of Taurus is also seen as a representative of the earth, disciplined, hardworking, good sense of humor, romantic, thoughtful and artistic. Taurus people are very creative, reliable, organized and easy to carry.

But are accused of being drivers, angry, resentful, possessive and jealous. In addition, sometimes very pedantic and believe they can with everything. If you're a Taurus and believe that these features match your personality, or just interested tattooed your sign, here are some pictures of tattoos taurus interesting. The bull is an animal that symbolizes strength and loyalty, so if you're wearing it under a good ally. In addition, the designs are very interesting, and that lends itself to many alternatives. A taurus tattoo symbolizes strength and loyalty. A sign that represents fertility and masculinity in some ways.

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