Torn Ripped Skin Tattoos

Torn ripped skin tattoo design, as if it were a paper in which we can play with the lines, perspective and optical illusion on the skin is also possible to have fun unleashing the imagination. There are grounds on which the skin is part of the design, achieving impressive images that attract your attention.

Specifically, I refer to tattoos that show what is under the skin. Of course, I'm talking fanciful images, full of poetry and metaphor. I think these tattoos are highly symbolic, since one who decides probably be willing to show the world what is inside, that of which it is made. And I can think of the famous quote from The Little Prince, which says that what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Some classic tattoo motifs are torn skins that expose the other skin, such as reptiles and felines (the tiger is the question). Other, more adept at science fiction, pretend to have under the "bark" human robot structure made ??of wires and metal pipes. But that's not all, some get tattoos to let out extraordinary creatures, insects, claws, etc. Imagination has no limits, so you can have whatever you can think of under the skin.

In my opinion, the most beautiful places to locate this type of design are, foot in the heel area for reasons of animal skins, and back to the images of characters and creatures, as they often need more space because have small details that are best appreciated if they are of considerable size. There is a tattoo that is not only on the skin, also reveals what lies beneath it. Those are ripping skin tattoos, those that reveal what you want to show or tell the world that you carry inside.

To make it a little clearer, ripping skin tattoos are those which, as its name suggests, simulate an opening or tear in the skin through which one can see something that supposedly underneath. The most popular motifs of torn skin tattoos are those that show reptile skin, cat skin, superhero costumes and fantastic creatures, for example.

However, while not as popular, there are other reasons for skin tearing tattoos that I have found very interesting. For example, in the gallery below you can see a boy's poem that reveals under your skin. The reality is that you can put whatever you can think on your skin tattoo torn.

From what I've seen, this is a mainly masculine design, but of course not unique to the genre. Most takes him in her arms. I would say this is a favorite haunt of almost all carrying a tattoo ripping skin. However, I've also seen some located on the back, and looks equally interesting.

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