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Tree tattoo design, the tattoo of a tree tattoo is a very symbolic and spiritual. The tree is associated with wisdom, to the ancestral and nature. And it is for this reason that it is a very interesting symbol for tattooing. Let's roots and let's talk about tattoos of trees.

And the tree itself has many meanings. The tattoo of a tree can represent the tree of life, the classic family tree (which shows us our origins, our family ties and offspring), or simply represent the tree as a living that gives us oxygen. They are also a symbol of harmony between heaven and earth, as the tree establishes the connection between these two parts of nature.

The tattoo designs can be very leafy trees with thick trunks and stable (often tattooed people more focused and strong), or can be rather thin and knotted branches (showing the fragility of human beings). They can be wide or narrow, ponies or high, twisted or straight. Although it depends on each one and how you feel to your tree.

Each tree has a different symbolic meaning for every culture. In Japan, for example, the cherry tree is much admired. In America the quintessential tree is the oak, symbol of strength and integrity.

Tree roots are very important as they symbolize a lot. A tree can not grow up without enlarge their roots down. This may be associated with the growth of the person, and the trees can not grow up alone, but needs to strengthen its roots.

Tree Tattoo Designs

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