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Unicorn tattoo design, a unicorn symbolizes the desire to believe in this magic world still exists, we live in a mystical plane where everything is possible, the level of belief in the existence of unicorns, those characters we marveled in myths and legends.

The unicorn tattoo was popular in the decades of the 60s and 70s, with its meaning evoked in better times you could believe in utopias of a world dominated by magic, peace and spiritual mysticism.

Unicorns are animals bodied horse with a single horn in the forehead, which gives it a majestic and mythical. They realize they are loners who live apart and the remaining animals meets. It also says that no more than reveal the pure in heart, and that among them, only the purest, the acts of kindness and tenderness, only those can touch them. They represent strength, freedom, imagination, dreams, illusions, the desire for freedom, the power of nature, the desire to dream ...

They think they are immortal, but the truth is possibly the fact that the half-life is more than 1,000 years what makes you think they are immortal. Its longevity is due to the magic of his horn, which makes them always have a youthful look. His eyes are blue and his intelligence is comparable to that of a human.

The unicorn is also representation of both sexes in one. His horn symbolizes the male is a phallic symbol associated with the man, yet often the unicorn horn spiral represents a feminine symbol reminiscent woman sex, and also associated with water (for similarity with sea shells, possibly). While fire and air are associated with masculine elements, earth and water women carry a load. Thus, the own horn combines masculinity and femininity.

The unicorn has a special magic resistance, is immune to spells to death spells and poison. His magic horn can detect the poison and heal wounds with a simple touch. They can teleport once a day, which can benefit them if they feel the need to flee from danger.

The unicorn's horn is the recipient of their magic and their thoughts and experiencias.uni6.jpg Similarly, it is a strange sense, similar to what we would call "sixth sense", or a powerful intuition that takes shine to danger. In addition, there are animals that have more smooth or rough spiral. If you have very distinct spirals, is an old animal, which has accumulated a lot of knowledge, life, feelings. If the horn is smooth, almost intact, is a newborn unicorn or a few days.

The hell it is also supposed healing powers or poisonous as the intention with which it is used. There were legends say that if you cut the horn to a living animal, this would never stop sprouting food and endless wealth (hence the expression "horn of plenty"). Yes, almost all the stories also agree that will rip the horn of the unicorn irremediable death.

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