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Ying Yang Tattoo Designs, One of the most tattoos symbols should be the Yin and Yang, this dichotomous concept representing good and evil, and how opposites attract, showing that everything bad has something good and vice versa. The Far Eastern philosophy seems to explain the whole world through this existential stance that seeks harmony of the universe.

Duality can be many things, of course: it can represent both white / black, light / dark, and day / night, male / female, hot / cold, sound / silence, movement / stillness, fire / water, life / death, body / soul, etc.. While Yin is black, passive, cold, Yang is white, bright, warm, expansive. That is why the feeling is generated continuously moving, constantly changing.

The yin and yang tattoos are very symbolic, and those that do generally have an intention, willing to transmit a message, a philosophy of balance (much like the sun and moon tattoos). Here are some very creative Tattoos Yin and Yang.

The Yin-Yang symbol, also known as "Taijitu", in which the black represents "Yin" and white the "Yang". It is a symbol that reflects the inevitable duality of all things in nature, a matter of debate and reflection very common in Taoism. No quality is totally independent of its opposite, nothing can be so absolutely pure that contains no trace of its opposite, albeit to a minimum: this concept is represented by the design of "yin" and "yang", two ways separate but very intertwined within which we can find a point of their opposites (a white dot in the black area and vice versa). Virtually everything can be interpreted using the Yin-yang. The Yin and Yang are opposites.

Everything in the universe has an opposite, but this reflection is not an absolute, only relative. Nothing is actually completely Yin or Yang completely. There is always a small "seed" of its opposite. For example, winter can turn into summer, "what goes up must come down". The Yin and Yang are interdependent.

One can not exist without the other. For example, day can not exist without night. Light can not exist without darkness. In Yin-Yang symbol can be readily subdivided into two component parts. Every aspect of Yin or Yang can also be subdivided into another pair of Yin-Yang concepts, and so on to infinity. For example, the temperature can be divided initially into "hot" and "cold", but "hot" supports many nuances, can be for example "warm" or "hot", exactly the same applies to the concept of "cool" that can be "fresh" or "frozen"..

Within each range of options, we can always find a subset, and within that we can always find a maximum and a minimum. Every beginning is a beginning in time, and each time has a "beginning" and "end", as every hour has a beginning and an end. Yin and Yang tattoo represent that they are consumed by each other, but also mutually reinforcing..

Usually the Yin and Yang tattoos show balance, when one increases, the other decreases. Although sometimes we can find unbalanced situations with excess (or defect) of Yin or Yang. For example, during the change to summer time there are more Yin Yang (we gain an hour of light). The Yin and Yang should be always be a couple: excess defect involves Yin Yang, and vice versa. The imbalance is also a relative factor: the excess forces "yang" can make the "yin" is more concentrated, there is less. The yin and yang can be transformed into each other..

In a particular state, yin yang can transform into and vice versa. For example, the night turns to day, the heat can become cold, life becomes death. Although this "transformation" is also relative. Night and day coexist on earth, if we see it from space. Part of Yin is Yang, and vice versa..

These tattoo designs, are a reminder that there are always traces of one another. For example, there is always light in the dark (we have the stars, even in the darkest night).

Yin Yang Tattoo Designs

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